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“Odogwu” Burna Boy’s Meaning Of The Song Lyrics And Language

Odogwu Burna Boy Meaning Of The Song Lyrics And LanguageOdogwu Burna Boy Meaning Of The Song Lyrics And Language

Odogwu is a term in Igbo culture that signifies a person of exceptional strength, charisma, and prowess. It is used to describe individuals who have demonstrated outstanding abilities, high performance, and remarkable qualities.

Odogwu Language

Igbo Language

Odogwu Qoutable Lyrics

When I reach Igbo land, dem calling me Odogwu (Odogwu)And as I enter the town, I put am for agu (Odogwu)And nobody can stop you, na so we dey fly pass ohOver any obstacle, e be Odogwu (Odogwu)
Say na who dey draw the map e oh (Odogwu)You are looking at the champion (Odogwu)Where the girls dey shake nyansh oh (Odogwu)Wey the person with the cash oh (Odogwu)
Aje aje kekele (Odogwu)Aje aje kekele (Odogwu)Aje aje pekele (Odogwu)Champion
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Meaning Of Odogwu

When broken down, the word ‘Odogwu‘ is a compound of ‘Odo’ and ‘Egwù.’ In Igbo compound words, if two vowels (udaumé) from different words come together, the stronger vowel takes precedence, a concept known as ‘olilo udaumé.’ Therefore, ‘Odogwu’ is written as a single word, not as ‘Odo-Egwù.’ The components ‘Odo’ and ‘Egwù’ individually carry meanings of ‘giver’ or ‘source’ and ‘awe’ or ‘wonders,’ respectively.

It’s important to note that the term ‘Odogwu’ doesn’t directly translate to ‘Reverend’ or ‘Awesomely great’ word for word. Instead, it conveys the essence of a person of great value and valor. In Igbo language, ‘Egwú’ with a high tonal ending means ‘music,’ but when ‘Egwù’ is used in ‘Odogwu,’ it refers to ‘awe’ or ‘wonders,’ not music. Therefore, when you encounter ‘Odogwu’ in language or music, it is referring to an individual of significant value and courage, not necessarily someone associated with music.

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