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Namenj Mama Na English Lyrics Meaning And Song Review

Namenj Mama Na English Lyrics Meaning And Song ReviewNamenj Mama Na English Lyrics Meaning And Song Review

Namenj’s “Mama Na”: A Heartfelt Ode to Maternal Love – Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Namenj, the talented musical maestro whose real name is Ali Namanjo, has graced us with his latest masterpiece titled “Mama Na.” Released on the 24th of July, 2023, this soul-stirring track is a profound testament to the unparalleled love between a son and his mother. It encapsulates a deep sense of devotion and reverence that resonates with every listener.

Drawing on my extensive expertise in music translation and review, particularly honed over three years of immersion in the northern Nigerian musical landscape, I’ve meticulously deconstructed and analyzed the essence of this latest offering from the profound Empawa Africa sensation, Namenj.

Just as I dissected the lyrics and meaning of his previous hit “Dama” featuring Hamisu Breaker, I’m here to guide you through the intricacies of “Mama Na.”

Accompany me as we delve into the heart of this article, uncovering every facet of “Mama Na,” Namenj’s captivating audio creation. The embedded Audiomack link below features the official lyrics audio of the song, creating an immersive backdrop as we unravel the lyrical depth and embark on an official review by Mp3ghetto Reviewer.

Namenj Mama Na Lyrics Meaning

At its core, “Mama Na” by Namenj is a melodious ode dedicated to mothers worldwide. It serves as a celebratory anthem, capturing the profound joy that a child experiences alongside their mother. Right from the onset, Namenj sets a jubilant tone, expressing his elation at having his mother witness his wedding, a moment of paramount significance.

The song’s introductory verse brims with gratitude as Namenj acknowledges the fulfillment of his mother’s wishes – a wedding witnessed through her eyes. Throughout the song, the chorus resonates with a tender dedication solely reserved for a mother.

Intro / Hook Significance

Namenj Mama Na Tazo
Ga Mama Na Tazo Tana Murna

Allah ya nuna miki aurena
Burinki ya cika mamana
Nace Allah ya nuna miki aurena
Burinki ya cika mamana
Mamana Mamana Da Babana
Mamana Mamana Nagode
Mamana Mamana Da Babana
Mamana Mamana Nagode

This spirited introduction lays the foundation for the bountiful musical journey that lies ahead. As Namenj warmly welcomes his mother, the lyrical arrangement hints at the delightful surprises awaiting us.

The first hook exudes gratitude towards God’s blessings, fulfilling a mother’s wishes. Namenj’s repeated expressions of appreciation form a heartfelt connection between him and his mother, mirroring the aspirations of countless children and parents.

With unparalleled vocal arrangement, each line is a delectable treat, presented in a simple, consumable format.


♬ Mama Na Namenj – 👨‍🌾 CORP FARMER 👨‍🌾

Verse 1 Significance

Bazan Saki Kunya ba
Nadau Maganar Baba
Inason Nima Nawa Suji Nawa
Ai dole na biki sau da kafa
Ni Nayi Dacen Mahaifiya
Allah ya kara rai da lafiya
Kiga jikokinki lafiya
Ki goyasu cikin koshin Lafiya

The phrases “Bazan Saki Kunya ba, Nadau Maganar Baba” illuminate the track’s essence. With clever wordplay and harmonious melodies, Namenj beckons us into a realm where motherly virtues are heralded.

His verses humbly underscore submission and respect, virtues every child should display. Laden with maturity and musical finesse, Namenj weaves his distinctive style into each note, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.


Verse 2

Idan kanaso kayi albarka
Toh kabi maganar mamanka
Yin Haka shine saukinka
Sune mafita sau da kafa
Ni Shaidane na gani a rayuwata
Adduacce Adduar Mamana
Burina a kodayaushe a ko ena

In the second verse, Namenj delves deeper, offering guidance to the younger generation on how to cherish and nurture their relationships, particularly with their mothers. His words serve as a poignant reminder to treat mothers with the utmost care and respect. “Idan kanaso kayi albarka, Toh kabi maganar mamanka, Yin Haka shine saukinka” serve as a profound lesson in maternal devotion.

Namenj’s masterful rendition of this mesmerizing tempo tune establishes an unbreakable bond between him and every Hausa mother. Through his music, he showcases qualities and actionable steps that can lead to personal growth and elevation in various aspects of life.

Mama Na Song Review

Artiste Name: Namenj
Song Name: Mama Na
Duration: 3:206Mins
Released Date: 24 – 07 – 2023
Format: MP3 High Quality
Label: Empawa Africa
Number Of Hit Songs: 7
Number Of Music Videos: 4

Mama Na” earns a commendable rating of 7.0/10 based on international standards. Delivered entirely in the Hausa language, Namenj has elevated his narrative prowess, offering a quality that contributes positively to societal well-being.

From the opening notes, Namenj demonstrates an unwavering commitment to his craft, setting a tone of punctuality that characterizes a true musical virtuoso. “Mama Na” stands poised to become a favorite, owing to its substantive and profound message.

This song caters to listeners of all ages, seamlessly blending into ceremonial occasions and joy-filled gatherings alike.

Feel free to explore the embedded lyrics video of “Mama Na” by Namenj below. As you watch, share your thoughts and impressions on this remarkable track. Your comments are invaluable in shaping the appreciation of this musical gem.

Namenj Short Biography

Ali Jubril Namanjo, better known by his stage name Namenj, is a well-known Nigerian artist from the north of the country. He was raised in Ibadan, where he also attended primary and high school, and there he was born and raised. After finishing college, Namenj began to produce cover songs, which helped him gain popularity in Arewa.

Without a doubt, Namenj is one of the most popular performers in the North Side. With a large number of streams and downloads on Boomplay, several Namenj tracks have become quite popular and trendy online. His music is excellent and soul-stirring.


Namenj gained recognition in EMPAWA AFRICA as a result of his excellent singing, and Mr. Eazi chose him to represent the next generation of arewa singers. Namenj has released an infinite amount of songs since he began his music career.


Namenj has also won different awards and recognition for his amazing music And song. Some of his music are as follows.

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Net worth

The well-known Hausa singer Namenj, who has been delivering hits one after the other, has a net worth of $70,000, making him one of the wealthiest Hausa musicians.

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