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Namenj Dama ft. Hamisu Breaker English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Namenj Dama ft Hamisu Breaker English Lyrics Meaning & Song ReviewNamenj Dama ft Hamisu Breaker English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Namenj Dama Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Dama, is a song fully written by Hamisu Yusuf, Ali Namanjo and Ademola Tarka, the song was released on 6th March 2021, a brilliant rhythm that was sponsored and promoted by Empawa Africa. The meaning of the song “Dama by Namenj featuring Hamisu Breaker is “Privilege, Chance, Opportunity” and the song narrates the excellent doings that will treat your female partner well in a relationship. Namenj uses nicely vocal spellings that can revive love that could bring good posture in a relationship.

His merged forces with Hamisu Breaker has yielded an extra flavor resulting to be one of those all time live jam that will stay afloat throughout the whole decade. They structured a very detailed outline of relationship scopes and happenings that will put every partner on spectacular position of love.

The embedded video below is the official lyrics audio of Dama by Namenj featuring Hamisu Breaker on Youtube. Continue reading to understand the lyrics meaning of Dama song and official review from Mp3ghetto while it plays on background.

Namenj Dama Featuring Hamisu Breaker Lyrics Meaning

Dama Lyrics Meaning will be summarized as a loving and caring song unleashing the good sides, steps, measures and reasons why your partner is the choosing one. He states clearly those qualities that made his girl standout in the midst of other women.

Namenj have taken legal route in the game via making loved up vibes as ways of expressing his feelings in most of his released songs. The high taste vocal creator take it smooth with his explanations in Dama giving some caring and more attentive rhymes inbetween the settled afro beats.

Lets take a line-by-line lyrics analysis and the truthful meaning of Dama Lyrics by Namenj featuring Hamisu Breaker.


Intro/Outro Dama Lyrics by Namenj ft Hamisu Breaker Meaning

He started by throwing some loving up greetings that will attract every girl, lines like “Baby Ina Kwana, Ina Gajiya Shin Kin Tashi Lapia” are early morning greetings that Hausa people normally use to communicate.

His rossy rhymes and storry telling lingual has smart measures to absorb more ears from the audience, already the song came through with enriching news. Currently the song visuals is sitting on 2.5million total streams on audiomack after two years of its inventory.

Towards the ending comes a repeated nice dosage of his loving charms, Soyayya Dadi which means Love is sweet defines how immersed full of joy the afro singer caught himself.

Dama Chorus Meaning

Namenj expresses what would had happened if she is the one he truly meet, its a rhythmic arrangement of what will occur when you finally hook up with your life partner. The chorus is very simple and straight forward exploring good message that will dazzle the audience.

Dama Verse 1 Lyrics Meaning

He gently ride in through the verse without disturbing the least chorus part, his entrance with colonies of love phrases are break down of some amazing moments that gives ecstasy and delightfulness found in love, Na Matsu singer weigh in smoothly structuring how a pleasing lover should approach his hearth-throb. The crispy stylish watery flow of rhymes has rounded up the tempos with quality resonance of melodies.

His inter-switch energy alongside Hamisu Breaker unbreaks legacy rhythm that is capable to maintain balance for far years coming without relenting. Breaker solely relied in expantieting how much more his friend Namenj love his partner, the singer did not corrupt, intercept or destroys the kicks and melodies. Every of the message Namenj was trying to pass in the song was modified by breaker as he attached meaningful and well comprehending lines that tallies with overall purpose of the song.

They arrange locally made words into a rewarding comprehensive storyline, the Empawa powered hit will continue to absorb more grounds in the industry with those evarlasting format of vibe and exotic visuals.


Dama Dake Naffara Haduwa Da Nayi Aure tuntuni. Zama Dake Akwai Qaruwa Hakika ni kina burgeni #Dama #damachallenge #namenjdamachallenge

♬ Dama – Namenj

Dama Song Review

  • Artiste Name: Namenj
  • Song Name: Dama
  • Duration: 3:206Mins
  • Released Date: 05 – 03 – 2021
  • Format: MP3 High Quality
  • Label: Empawa Africa
  • Number Of Hit Songs: 5
  • Number Of Music Videos:

Dama is a very calm afro love song by Namenj featuring Hamisu Breaker, they render an excellent rhythm worthy to amend every bad relationship.

Namenj is yet to have visuals with morethan 3.5million views on youtube, approximately Dama is the biggest Namenj song in the whole history of his career.

Dama audio is rated 8.5/10

Dama Music Video Review

The entry and Namenj outfit sweeping the premises of an exotic kitchen defines exceptionalism and uniqueness in concepts and swag. They calmly port through each tempo with attractive performances and actions.

Dama video is rated 9.0/10

Watch Dama Full Official Video Below;

Full Dama Lyrics

Baby Ina kwanaBaby Ina gajiyaShin kin tashi lafiaRabin rainaSoyayya da kafiyaNake miki kin jiyaTabbas kin iya soyayyaRabin raina
Daama da ke na fara haduwa da Na yi aure tuntuniZama dake akwai karuwa hakika ni kina burgeni
Daama da ke na fara haduwa da na yi aure tuntuniZama dake akwai karuwa hakika ni kina burgeni wayyo
Soyayya na da dadiLobayya na da dadiAmma dake tafi dadi wayyo
Soyayya na Da dadiLobayya na da DadiAmma dake tafi dadi wayyo
Daama zaki yarda da duk batunsa na soyayyaneKema ki amince da kuddirinsa na alhairi neWanda tasiri neA zuciya ki zauneYa baki zuciya tai duka kyauta autar maZan so ki bi yardaKi gaya masa kin ragi tsadaNi batun na jaddada ki gwada min zaki mutultaKi dakata kiji yanmataA yau bikinku muke fataMun shaida kun zama yan gataKi tausawa ma sa raina
Kaunarki ta kama ni tun farkoNi fatana ni da ke muyi karkoAurenmu da ni da ke yai karkoMu haifi yaya ma su albarka
Daama da ke na fara haduwa da na yi aure tuntuniZama dake akwai karuwa hakika ni kina burgeni
Daama da ke na fara haduwa da na yi aure tuntuniZama dake akwai karuwa hakika ni kina burgeni wayyo
Soyayya na da dadiLobayya na da dadiAmma dake Tafi dadi wayyo
Soyayya na da dadiLobayya na da dadiAmma dake tafi dadi wayyo
Soyayya dadiSoyayya dadiSoyayya dadiSoyayya dadi
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