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Dj AB – Ke Da Ni English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Dj AB - Ke Da Ni English Lyrics Meaning & Song ReviewDj AB - Ke Da Ni English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Dj AB – Ke Da Ni English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Ke Da Ni song was composed and written creatively by the dazzling talented Northern star rapper known widely as Dj AB.  The mighty Pop genre sound was creatively recorded and later been released officially on the date November 5th, 2019.

There is a saying that the mighty soundtrack was dedicated to the well known rapper for a wedding gift from Dj AB, although this has not been officially stated.

Dj AB - Ke Da Ni English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review
Dj AB – Ke Da Ni English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Ke Da Ni is a simple Hausa Language phrase that translate to “You And Me”, the song is all about the critics occurring in a steady relationship. Clearly in his lyrical narrations, he strongly point out the attitude of nowadays society most especially the Northern community in which people tends to try hard to break up a good combination at the point that is leading to marriage.

In the first verse, Dj Ab describe the series of judgement passed to him about his girl at the same time disregarding it and also with the second verse telling more and calling attention to the serious happenings that eventually spoil a healthy relationship.

I am proving for you the evident display of the song lyrical value a video that will strongly gives you a clear understanding of the song concept.

Dj AB - Ke Da Ni English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review
Dj AB – Ke Da Ni English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Check Out Ke Da Ni Lyrics Video by DJ AB below:

Intro & Outro

It is same as usual, the Introduction contain vocal input of the star calling out his name saying, “Dj AB Ne” and then followed by the instrumental sound. The song outro is also the same, it goes with the off vocal together with the beat to the end.

Complete Dj AB – Ke Da NI Song Lyrics

Dj AB - Ke Da Ni English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review
Dj AB – Ke Da Ni English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Dj Ab ne…




Ance bakida hanci, bakida kyau.


Maganganun jiya daban dana yau.


it is because am from the rich and they’re from the poor?




they are jealous that I love u to the core.




ni dai banida case,

suyita maganganun su banida case..

it’s true, banida babes

harwasu suna cewa wai nikam banida taste.


Dana zabeki saboda ni nasan dolene azageki amma kada kibari komai ya dameki,

I will love u kullum ayadda na sameki.




Just a matter of time, komai zai wuce

Everything will be fine.






just a matter of time, komai zaiwuce we goin raise up and shine.


Ni da ke, ke Da ni…


there’s nothing thay I can do

ke ke Dani


Ni da ke, ke Dani x2


Baku dace ba, ka kupsa x2


Na, na toche kunnuwa na eh x4


Ance kudi kika gani kika bini

wasu wai banida ilmin addini.

nasan kuna fadane hakane domin ta kini. so inason ku bude kunnuwan ku don ku jini.


baku santa ba,

bakusan menene yasa nake sonta ba




Baku santa ba, bekamata kuna yada karya kanta ba.


guys stop trying to mess with my intellect.

Dakata, abin ya fara zama disrespect.

If there’s no her, there’s no me.

Wai shin kune zaku zauna da ita ko ni?


Honey, darling, sweetie na

all day, everday cutie na.

Madara, sugar, green tea na.


babu me rabani da Habibti na toh.


Ni da ke, ke da Ni


There’s nothing they can do

k ke da Ni


Ni da ke, ke da ni x2


Baku dace ba x2

ka kopsa x2


na, na toshe kunnuwa na eh x4

Dj AB – Ke Da Ni Mp3 Download

Listen To Dj AB – Masoyiya Mp3 Download below:

Although the mighty song does not yet have official video project in place, but there is a visual display of the song demonstrations on the dedicated Deezell‘s wife birthday show with a special eventual activities that has sensational taste you can never resist.

Check out the Dj Ab – Ke Da Ni – Featuring Deezell & Jidderh – Beauty Video below:

Social Media Impact

The mighty song attracts many interesting minds that leads to many fans demonstrations on the social media platforms which incredibly produce many branched reactions of the song across the platforms.

Check Out the video extracted from Tik Tok by the known @thenorthlyrics handle below:


DJ AB -ke da ni (lyrics) #viral #arewamelody #anasmaguphonestore #northlyrics4 #yagamen

♬ original sound – north lyrics


Dj Ab made the song single-mindedly with full efficiency that contains heavy lyrical quality composed in a special manner that practically and musically enhanced the song quality in general and hence it value in the industry.

The love song is a conceptual pattern that involves love but in a liaising manner with the lyrical and vocal quality that bring up the song meaning in an exceptional way.

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