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Auta Waziri – Kewa English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Auta Waziri - Kewa English Lyrics Meaning & Song ReviewAuta Waziri - Kewa English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Auta Waziri – Kewa English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Auta Waziri - Kewa English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review
Auta Waziri – Kewa English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review
Kewa is a melody written and made by Auta Waziri, the sweet loving song was recorded and later released on the 28th of April, 2023.
This mighty song is an outstanding balance of melody giving perfect punctuation to a suitable emotional stand that brings out an exciting joy in the other heart.
It simply means “missing” which defines the ultimate measure of an intimate relationship, the magnitude of closeness between two soul mates. Loving so much about his love partner and most especially the value of the intimacy of course.
The way he simultaneously explain how deeply he’s missing her in the melodic manner is so pampering. His matured lines talks accurately of his feelings without any obstruction.
The lovely song has been fully loaded beautifully by the star singer considering his flexible flows, extreme perfection, and pure creativity. He took on all verses of the song alone together with the song chorus giving it much more deserving punch lines that can simply melt you down in a jiffy.
Auta Waziri - Kewa English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review
Auta Waziri – Kewa English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review
Auta Waziri cleverly input his rhyme lines sequentially perfect giving some certain touching tunes with sweet sensational pattern.
The way he narrates her and his message in the musical manner is awesomely special giving no space of imperfection, no error environment at all.
His perfect plantations of touching but highly descriptive and deeply touching line made it very attentive and highly appreciated with his message going through many needy souls and treating all musically.

Please Watch Kewa Lyrics Video

Checkout the video of Auta Waziri Kewa lyrics below for more of you valuable concentration and respectful ideology on the full meaning of the mighty love song.
Auta Waziri – Kewa Lyrics Video below:

Intro & Outro

The intro of kewa song is simple but very catchy which prove out well beneficial in every project used for that particular reason. Auta Waziri made a sweet gigantic but thin shout sound of his voice, coming out in a nature of cough manner at the beginning and then he called out his usual intro ‘Auta Waziri Kukeji Malam‘, lighting up the song from the start.

The song outro came in a maestro vehicle, taking expertise very more considerate by having the silently out form with the last of either verse or chorus as an accompanied lines.

Song Chorus

“(Keeewa) Keeeeeeewaaaa, Inaa Keeewaaaaaaaa aaaaaahhhhhh

(Keeewa) Keeeeeeeewaaa, Ina Keeeewaaan Masoyiyaah”

Kewa Complete Lyrics

“Ina kewaaaa, Ina kewar masoyiya
Ina kewaaaa, Ina kewar aminiya
Abokiyar shawara, kece kin dara
Kinsan in bada keba sai in hakura
Ki bani yar damaa, a sanda ni nima
Ki mini alfarma, ki sanya ni a zuciya
Ki kauda yan gulmaa, irin ki ke nema
Sunata shan famaa, sun zaga ko ina
Mace ba aibaa kece, a ido riba kece
Kuma kinsan mundace, a kanki na zauce
Magana daya ba shakka, hanu daya kan jinka
Tayaya zai daukaa, samunki baiwa ce
Bakya fishi, kiyi murmushii
Dan sonki na shiga raina
Ko bani in kika tunani, wannan shine muradina
Nasan kinada burii
Kuma sanan kinada tsarin ki
Da zaki sa cikin ranki
Nine zan zama angonki
Farar tumfafiya ta
Daban cikin mata
A sanki nai rata
A kanki na gane kaina
Kece nai wa alkawari
Mace daya kuma kin zarce darii
Kin zam min bangon sikari
Ko a ina kece
Sirrin ciki yazo fili
Kin iya ado da dan kwali
Me kyan ido da sa kwalli
An iya miki zanen lalle
Tunda na sameki na huta
Saura sanda na zanta
Bana iya kallon mata, kiji kalmar dana furta
Akwai dadi, abunda kakeso in yaso ka
Ashe fatan dakake wa wasu watarana zai bika
So sa’a ce, samun nasara ce
Kesa ayi dacee, nikan nasamu
So kwai tsada, sanyi sai randa
Shanu ke hudaa, furan mu nai damu
Nai nasarar samun ki
Barni nazam jigon ki
Zan boye sirrin ki, ba randa zan tona ahh”

Social Media Impact Of Kewa Song

Kewa song triggered countless reactions and demonstrations across multiple social media platforms causing some sort of a natural challenge on the song’s verse and chorus. Kewa song has now, since from the date released, attracts massive streams in many music platforms.

These are some evident video of  some social media impact of the Kewa song for a better eye shining.

Kewa Live Stage Performance Videos

Auta Waziri has killed every point he emerge with his song performance causing a gigantic and very impressive coordination of the star and the song with fans at larger.

Check this simple video of Kewa Live performance below:


Kewa Mp3 Stream And Download

Listen To Auta Waziri Kewa Mp3 Download Below:


In the end I will be very glad to conclude to you all that kewa is all about in a summery, which I will just say that is all about missing beautiful moments, memories, pretty views and actual love chemistry, it is a product of absolute affection. Auta Waziri sing out every respecful tune musically legal and beautifully compelling, his aromatic ginger is somehow extensive and super sensational.

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