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Ahmerdy Rawa, Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Ahmerdy Rawa Lyrics Meaning & Song ReviewAhmerdy Rawa Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Ahmerdy Rawa, Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Rawa, the latest song all written by Ahmerdy, is an Arewa Cartel imprinted song that was released on 10, June 2023. Its a track with supreme danceable tune and style. The meaning of the song “Rawa” in English is Dance and the whole song decided to treats every bored situations of a wedding party of two hard lovers. He makes sure all the specialized tempos are injected with propelling rhymes worthy to suite the atmosphere of every bar and clubs. Ahmerdy is trying to conjugate afro melodies with high kick gummed up produced beat.

The embedded video below is the complete Lyrics Video of Rawa by Ahmerdy on Youtube. Keep reading the lyrics meaning and Rawa song review while it plays on background.

Rawa By Ahmerdy Lyrics Meaning

Rawa Lyrics Meaning will be summarized as a Jubilating song meant for wedding atmospheres and couple times, The singer tried to express how bride and groom will have a very settled living in their respective home.

Ahmerdy is a sweet mouthed love like sound maker who tosses his vocal spec in Rawa as a rejoiceful motivator to newly celebrated couples. This lyrics is expressing goodness in marriage making every yet to engage birds want to go in.

Lets take a line-by-line analysis of the truthful meaning of Rawa Lyrics by Ahmerdy.


Amarya da Ango Allah ya baku zaman lafiya ❤️ #Rawabyahmerdy …..new song link on my bio

♬ original sound – AHMERDY

Into/ Verse/ Chorus/ Verse 2 Of Rawa Lyrics


Oh hooAhh haaIt’s Ahmerdy


Yau aure anka dauraAngo mijin amaryaIyaye suna ta murnaDuk ku taso, ku taso ku watsa NairaKu taso, ku taso ku watsa Naira

In the intro, first hook of Rawa by Ahmerdy got some welcoming seasoning for a just concluded wedding, he makes it so pleasing with understood playful lyrics thats entertaining to sense through. It is a detail description of how Dinner or Kamu Celebrations are been done on that glamourous night.

Watch How Ahmerdy Melt Served A Very Beautiful Wedding Celebration In A Video He Shared On His Tik Tok Handle


ku taso ku watsa naira 🤑💰 #Rawabyahmerdy

♬ original sound – AHMERDY

Verse 1

Yau biki ne muka zoKawaye kuzo ku takaAbokai kuzo ku likaKai ku taso, ku taso ku dinga murnaKu taso ku dinga murna
Aure yana da dadi kun tabbatar mini ma’aurataKisha gwaggwaro ado da kunshi, ango ya sanyo babban rigaWannan rana babban rana ceAmarya-ango yau kun dace
Amarya kar kiyi fushiAngo yi murmushiKu zauna zaman amanaKuyo hakuri da juna
Ku taso, ku taso ku dinga murna
Hayya, hayya, hayya, hayyaHayya, hayya, hayya, hayyaShukhran, shukhran, shukhran, shukhranRawa, rawa, rawa, rawaHayya, hayya, hayya, hayaHayya, hayya, hayya, hayaYaaaah ahh
Yau aure anka dauraAngo mijin amaryaIyaye suna ta murna

His calm entrance through the first verse has some maximal potentials that will role out crowd to come join the rejoiced couples. In the first verse he narrated how the Groom should treat his Bride, how they should dress nicely and approach the dance stage.

He also stated how they should both endure each others fault for the marriage shall last forever, this piece of verse has some advisable rhymes.


Duk ku taso, ku taso ku watsa NairaKu taso, ku taso ku watsa Naira
Yau biki ne muka zoKawaye kuzo ku takaAbokai kuzo ku likaKai ku taso, ku taso ku dinga murnaKu taso ku dinga murna

He said everyone should come to the stage and join him groove the most exciting moment, He said This is the spray moment join the stage and spray some naira.

Verse 2

Kai iyaye jigon biki ne, na fada kuma na tabbataAn girmama mu, an gayya ce mu, mu gani kuma mun gaskataKai iyaye jigon biki neSai da dangi ake biki ne
Ango kar ka mantaAmarya ta baka damaZaku rayu bayin nadamaKafafun shi zaki kama

On the 2nd verse Ahmerdy call upon parents, he said they were invited and were also honored exotically, he shows maximal respect to parents and also advise the wedded couples on how to live there life after marriage.

Ahmerdy Rawa Review 

Rawa is an avaerage good music with 6/10 ratings, the song has some gingering abilities and tempos. Ahmerdy purposely created the song for the jubilee moments at the wedding occations across Nigeria.

  • Artiste Name: Ahmerdy
  • Song Name: Rawa
  • Duration: 3:28Mins
  • Released Date: 10 – 06 – 20223
  • Format: MP3 High Quality
  • Label: Arewa Cartel
  • Number Of Hit Songs: 5
  • Number Of Music Videos: 2

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